About Piano Lessons Cardiff

About Piano Lessons Cardiff

Welcome to Piano Lessons Cardiff! My name is Helene, I am based in Cardiff and am giving piano lessons to people of all age groups. My piano classes for beginners involve learning keys, knowing where keys are located in a manuscript, becoming familiar with rhythms and playing songs (the ones that you would like to play). I will then create a piano sheet just for you and we will learn to play your favourite tracks. I can also offer voice training and students will learn how to play and how to be in tune while singing.

I am also happy to teach students the piano as a hobby. There you can pick a song that you’d like to learn and I will create a music sheet for you so we can start learning your song. You can choose whether you’d like to learn the notes at the same time, however, if you are not interested in music theory I am more than happy to give elementary piano tutorials and we can simply learn your songs without knowing the theory behind it. This is a good option if you’d like to surprise someone or you have an important event coming up where you’d like to perform.

I’ll assess every student so that I can offer the best approach. An initial assessment is carried out so I can tailor the approach to the needs of individual students.

To book your first lesson, or simply find out more about my piano tuition, don't hesitate to email me info@pianolessonscardiff.com or call 03455 270931.


"When I first met Helene it was impossible not to be fascinated by her positiveness and charisma. After a small chat, she offered me something I really wanted to do for years. Helene is a caring person, she always tries to help people. This isn’t her job, it’s her personal goal. As a teacher she is punctual, funny, supportive, no matter how she feels today, she never miss a class. She’s flexible – always comes to class with her exercises prepared but she often changes them depending on my progress and how I feel/work that day. When she works with me, she isn’t only helping me singing but also helps me to build up my confidence and ability to stay open-minded. I love attending Helene’s classes."

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